Since the beginning of time it has always been the businesses that made themselves most known, that went on to become the most successful. Let’s face it, if no one has ever heard of you before, then how well can business really be going? The marketing geniuses of the past recognized this, and as such came about a whole new concept of generating awareness about a particular company or business, it was called advertising. As time had gone on, a new type of advertising emerged based on incentives, they were called coupons, and currently they come in all shapes and sizes. Even today, coupons are still one of the top ways of generating customer traffic.



Groupon & Living Social – These deal of the day websites generally have you sell your products or services in the form of a voucher, at 50% off, in efforts to drive customers into your store. Every time a voucher is purchased, Groupon and Living Social take an additional 25% of the amount for that voucher. E.g., a barber shop will offer a voucher for a haircut at $12.50 while the regular price is $25.00. Let’s say the barber shop sells 100 vouchers for $1,250.00, after company fees the barber is left with the remaining 25% of the voucher revenue. Meaning the barber just sold 100 haircuts for $625.00, when they would regularly do so for $2,500.00.

Val-Pak – While similar to MY COUPON GUYS, these companies emphasize the “Ideal” consumer, even if they are nowhere near your actual location. Think about this; is anyone really going to drive for thirty minutes to purchase a slice of pizza to get a free soda? Another key selling point for these companies is “Individual Advertisements”, they want you to feel good about having your very own ad, on your very own page. The problem with this is if a person isn’t in need of that particular ad and service at that very moment, the life of your “Individual Advertisement” has ended. So much for Individuality 


MY COUPON GUYS – What sets us apart from the competitors is that our focus is on the community. We promote to the community, our book is published in communal style as well. What this means is the life of your ad will be much longer, and your exposure rate much higher. This is because your ad will not just be judged and then thrown away if it’s not needed at that particular moment. Since MY COUPON GUYS contains many valuable coupons, the consumer’s initial inclination is to hold on to our book as long as the coupons are current. The fact is, your ad is more likely to stick around, right until the time a consumer realizes they’re in need of your very service. Mission Accomplished!


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